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Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed isn’t the Sonic game Sega fans would really want, but when it comes to average cart racers Mario reigns supreme but Sonic comes at a close second if not third from Diddy Kong Racing back from the Ps one days. But for a cart racer on it’s own, Sonic All-Stars holds up, it’s a fun racer and if you’re a big Sega fan, you’ll probably be more awed by the race tracks and music in the game.
Parents need to know that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Ps vita is a racing game in which players can choose to race as one of several characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise. There is a story mode in which players race through all of the courses to prove their mettle as a star racer, but the main mode in the game is just freestyle racing. The game is best when played with friends.
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 Langue :  Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez Dream-Prez 

Format  :  ISO + Redeem Code included ( For Free Activation )

Platform : PS Vita

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